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Louise & Evan

Capturing the love story of Louise and Evan on their wedding day was a truly unforgettable experience. Our journey began at the Geelong Exhibition in May 2023, where I first met this lovely couple while showcasing my work. Our initial meeting took place at their home, where I was introduced to their young son, Jenson, and their furry companion, Wilhelm the dog.

The day of their wedding, set on the first weekend of Autumn, brought unexpected challenges with extreme heat soaring to 42 degrees. Despite the sweltering conditions, the getting ready moments unfolded at the R Hotel in Geelong, boasting a breathtaking view over Geelong's Eastern Beach. Everyone braved the heat with the help of Hydralite to navigate through the day.

The ceremony, held at the Botanical Garden under the shelter of a tree, was filled with emotion and love, evoking touching moments despite the scorching temperatures. With a special request for a shot capturing their first kiss as husband and wife surrounded by guests, Louise and Evan's love truly shone through.

Following the ceremony, efforts were made to seek shade and relief from the sun, eventually transitioning to the cool interiors of the Little Monster Brewery for the reception. The children, amused by the air conditioning on full blast, reveled in the lively atmosphere. Louise and Evan had arranged for a fantastic acoustic band to entertain their guests, ensuring a night filled with joy and celebration.

Amidst heartwarming speeches from parents and friends, the night unfolded with love and laughter, creating lasting memories of a beautiful celebration of love and unity. The love and bond shared by Louise and Evan, despite the challenges of the day, shone brightly throughout their wedding celebration, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Makeup and Hairstylist : @crewfaced
Event Hire: @hirelove_events
Dress designer: @fameandpartners
Jeweller designer: @jabjewellers
Jeweller Shop: @amyobridal necklace** @kimalphabridal veil**@myjewellerystory earrings
Groom's suit: @bellingtonestate
Jensen attire: @countryroad
Jensen shoes: @clarks
Coasters: @weddingsbyeli
Bride's handbag: @olgabergofficial


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