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Melbourne's Best
Children's Photographer

Award winning Children's photography


Award Winning Children's
Photography in Melbourne


Meet Gaelle Le Berre Photography

Hello lovely families,  When you choose me, Gaëlle, as your children's photographer, you're embracing a journey of artful storytelling. Capturing the essence of your love with every shutter click, I'm there to immortalise your heartfelt smiles and unspoken emotions, seamlessly integrating into your family's magical narrative.

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What My Clients Have To Say

Melissa Cyngler

"Gaelle was such an incredible wedding photographer! She had amazing energy on our special day and she put in so much effort and had such a personal touch. The wedding photos, album and canvases came out beautifully and were such high quality, we loved reliving our special day. Would 100% recommend!"

Erin Ryland

"Gaelle is an incredible photographer! The photos she took of our wedding are so beautiful and capture the spirit of our day. Everyone cannot stop raving about the photos. She has an incredible eye for finding amazing moments. She was also wonderful to work with - kind and professional. Would highly recommend!"

Xavier Sebastiani

Gaelle was exceptional on the day. She made us and our guest feel comfortable during set photoshoots. We also forgot she was even there at times but kept shooting in the background. We now have superb photos of our wedding day. Thank you Gaelle.

Some of my recent work

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Why Choose Me As Your Children's Photographer 

Hello, families of Melbourne! I'm Gaëlle, your dedicated children's photographer. I understand the joys and challenges of photographing children, capturing their genuine expressions and the magic of childhood. My approach is patient and playful, perfect for creating a relaxed environment where your little ones can truly shine.

Playful Moments

Genuine Smiles

Creative Fun

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Patient Approach

Childhood Magic

Authentic Expressions

Celebrating Childhood in Melbourne

Welcome to the vibrant and spontaneous world of children's photography in Melbourne. Here, I capture the essence of childhood with a blend of creativity, patience, and a keen eye for those fleeting, magical moments.

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Embracing the Unpredictable

Melbourne children are wonderfully unpredictable, which makes photographing them so special. I embrace their spontaneity, ensuring each photo session is a fun and comfortable experience. My approach is about capturing their natural expressions and joy authentically.

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Patience and Flexibility

Understanding that children might need breaks or may not always cooperate as expected, I bring a patient and flexible approach to every session. This ensures a stress-free experience for children and parents, resulting in natural and beautiful photographs.


Creative and Playful Interaction

Photography sessions with Melbourne children are more than just taking pictures; they're about engaging in creative play and interaction. This approach puts the children at ease and brings out their genuine smiles and personalities, making for genuinely captivating photos.

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Why Choose Me as Your Children's Photographer in Melbourne

Finding the ideal photographer for your children requires someone who understands and connects with them. Here’s why my approach is uniquely suited for capturing your children's precious moments:

Adaptable to Each Child's Personality

I tailor my approach to resonate with each child's unique personality. Whether introverted or extroverted, I use techniques that make them comfortable, ensuring the photos capture their true essence and spirit in a natural, unforced manner.

Creating a Fun and Engaging Environment

My Melbourne photography sessions don’t feel like photo shoots; they're fun-filled adventures. I encourage children to express themselves freely by incorporating play and creativity, generating authentic and lively photographs that capture their personalities and joy.

Capturing the Full Spectrum of Childhood

I focus on more than just posed photographs; I aim to capture the full spectrum of childhood. This includes their spontaneous laughter, moments of wonder, and even those quiet, reflective times, offering a comprehensive snapshot of their personalities at this stage in their lives.

Prioritising Safety and Comfort

The safety and comfort of your children are my top priorities. My Melbourne sessions are conducted in safe, controlled environments, ensuring a relaxed experience for your children. This approach not only guarantees their well-being but also helps in capturing genuine, carefree moments.


Unique Approach to Children's Photography in Melbourne

Photographing children requires a delicate approach, one that I am proud to offer. Here's what sets my children's photography sessions apart:

Whole-Day Availability for Unhurried Sessions

Understanding the nature of children, I am prepared to dedicate an entire day if needed. This ensures that there's ample time to work around the child's mood and energy levels, providing a relaxed and pressure-free environment for both the children and parents.

Infinite Patience for Unpredictable Moments

Children are wonderfully unpredictable, and my approach is grounded in infinite patience. This allows me to wait for those perfect, spontaneous moments that capture a child's spirit, whether a burst of laughter or a moment of contemplation.

Customised Sessions for Each Child

I understand that every child is unique, so I customise each session in Melbourne to fit their needs and interests. Whether incorporating their favourite toys, activities, or locations, these personalised sessions ensure that children feel at ease and engaged.

Completing Your Children's Photography Experience in Melbourne

After capturing your child's unique essence in a photography session, here's what you can expect as we bring these precious moments to life:

Preview of What’s to Come

After our Melbourne photo session, you'll receive a sneak peek of the pictures, offering an early glimpse into the delightful captures of your child's world. This preview is more than just a sampling of images; it's the first chapter in the storybook of their childhood, showcasing their unique personality and the joy of their everyday moments.

Thoughtful Editing for Perfect Memories

Each photograph is meticulously edited to bring out the best in every shot. I focus on enhancing the natural light, colours, and textures, ensuring that the final images accurately represent your child's spirit and the magic of their moments.

A Personalised Gallery of Memories

I'll present your complete collection of images in a private online gallery. This curated space allows you to relive your elopement day and share the intimate and joyous moments with those who couldn't be there in Melbourne, bringing them closer to your experience.

Accessible Online Gallery for Easy Sharing

You will have access to a private online gallery, a digital treasure trove of your child's photographs. This gallery makes it simple to share these special memories with loved ones, ensuring that the charm and whimsy of their childhood can be experienced by friends and family near and far.

Tangible Keepsakes for Lifelong Memories

To immortalise these fleeting moments, I offer a variety of tangible keepsakes. From beautifully crafted photo albums that tell the story of their growing years in Melbourne to elegant prints perfect for decorating your home, each item is designed to be a lasting reminder of this precious time in your child's life.


Looking to preserve the enchanting chapters of your Melbourne child's life in timeless photographs? Get in touch, and let's turn these fleeting moments into everlasting memories.


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