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Melbourne's Best

Award winning couples photography


Award Winning Couples
Photography in Melbourne


Meet Gaelle Le Berre Photography

Hello, beautiful couples! When you choose me, Gaëlle, as your  photographer, you're embracing a journey of artful storytelling. Capturing the essence of your love with every shutter click, I'm there to immortalise your heartfelt smiles and unspoken emotions, seamlessly integrating into your day's magical narrative.

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What My Clients Have To Say

Melissa Cyngler

"Gaelle was such an incredible wedding photographer! She had amazing energy on our special day and she put in so much effort and had such a personal touch. The wedding photos, album and canvases came out beautifully and were such high quality, we loved reliving our special day. Would 100% recommend!"

Erin Ryland

"Gaelle is an incredible photographer! The photos she took of our wedding are so beautiful and capture the spirit of our day. Everyone cannot stop raving about the photos. She has an incredible eye for finding amazing moments. She was also wonderful to work with - kind and professional. Would highly recommend!"

Xavier Sebastiani

Gaelle was exceptional on the day. She made us and our guest feel comfortable during set photoshoots. We also forgot she was even there at times but kept shooting in the background. We now have superb photos of our wedding day. Thank you Gaelle.

Some of my recent work

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Why Choose Me As Your Couples Photographer 

Greetings, loving people of Melbourne! I’m Gaëlle, your dedicated couples photographer. I specialise in capturing the unique chemistry and affection that defines your relationship. With each snapshot, I aim to encapsulate the laughter, the tender moments, and the love story that is uniquely yours, all through my artistic lens.

Romantic Storytelling

Intimate Connections

Timeless Elegance


Joyful Interactions

Artistic Flair

Authentic Moments

Cherishing Love's Journey in Melbourne

Welcome to the world of couples photography in Melbourne, where every shot by me celebrates your unique love story. Here, I blend intimate storytelling with artistic elegance to capture the essence of your journey together. Join me in this adventure to transform your shared moments, from quiet affections to joyous laughter, into cherished memories that resonate with the beauty of your bond.


The Love Lens: Capturing Your Journey Together

Couples photography is a beautiful exploration of your shared journey. I focus on capturing those unique aspects that define your relationship — the shared glances, gentle touches, and bursts of laughter. Each image is a chapter in your love story, reflecting the depth and uniqueness of your bond.


In the Heart of the Moment

Experience the magic of candid moments that truly illustrate your connection. I aim to capture the spontaneous adventures, the tender exchanges, and the joyous laughter, immortalising the genuine essence of your relationship.


A Gamut of Emotions

Your relationship is a rich tapestry of emotions, each deserving to be captured. From playful teasing to moments of deep contemplation, my photography in Melbourne celebrates your many facets. These images are more than just photographs; they are a visual tribute to your bond's emotional depth and beauty.

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Why Choose Me for Your Couples Photography in Melbourne

In Melbourne's couples photography realm, selecting me as your photographer means embracing a journey of love captured with elegance and authenticity. Here's why my approach stands out:

Capturing the Essence of Your Bond

My goal is to encapsulate the unique essence of your relationship in every frame. I strive to showcase the physical beauty, emotional depth, and connection that make your love story exclusively yours.

Artistry with a Personal Touch

Each session is infused with a blend of artistic flair and personal attention. I ensure that the photographs reflect the individuality of your relationship, turning everyday moments into artful expressions of your love.

Timeless Memories, Uniquely Yours

My photography transcends the passage of time, aiming to create timeless memories that are distinctly yours. I focus on capturing beautiful moments in Melbourne today that will evoke the same depth of emotion and love years down the line, creating a lasting legacy of your relationship.


Capturing Every Chapter of Your Melbourne Love Story

In the world of couples photography, my approach stands out for its dedication to capturing the complete narrative of your relationship. I don't adhere to strict time limits, ensuring that every genuine, heartfelt moment is captured. This approach allows for a more comprehensive and meaningful portrayal of your bond.

Unrushed and Authentic: Celebrating the Genuine You

My approach prioritises an unrushed and genuine portrayal of your love. In the ever-changing backdrop of Melbourne, we have the luxury of time to let your relationship’s unique dynamics naturally unfold. This relaxed atmosphere allows for spontaneous captures and encourages authentic expressions of affection and personality. In this unhurried setting, the photos we create together become accurate reflections of your bond, capturing the depth and sincerity of your connection in a way that feels real and deeply personal.

From Laughter to Quiet Intimacy: Capturing the Full Spectrum

Every moment counts in our photography journey, from bursts of laughter echoing through Melbourne’s laneways to the soft, intimate whispers shared in a quiet café. My camera is there to encapsulate these varied expressions of your love. This comprehensive approach ensures that every facet of your relationship is beautifully represented. It's about capturing the vitality of your laughter as vividly as the serene moments of togetherness. It portrays a complete and dynamic picture of your bond, reflecting the high spirits and deep connections that define your love.

A Journey, Not Just a Session 

Our time together in Melbourne is more than just a photo session; it's a journey through your love story. I dedicate the time needed to truly understand and capture the essence of your relationship, ensuring that every photograph tells a part of your unique story.

Cherishing Every Chapter: Your Post-Photography Journey

Following our couples photography session in Melbourne, the adventure of turning your love story into everlasting memories begins. Here’s a detailed look at the post-session process:

Early Echoes of Your Love

Within days of our Melbourne photo session, a 'sneak peek' of select images will be shared with you. These early glimpses are carefully chosen to showcase the essence of your connection, reigniting the emotions of the day and building anticipation for the complete collection.

Artful Transformation of Each Moment

The editing process is where each photo is meticulously crafted. This stage is about more than just adjusting lighting or colour; it’s where I infuse each image with the emotion and intimacy of your relationship. The aim is to ensure that every photograph resonates with the depth and authenticity of your bond.

A Gallery of Romance

Finally, I’ll present the collection of images in a private online gallery. This digital space serves as an archive of your love story and provides a platform for you to share these cherished moments with friends and family. It’s a modern way to keep your love story alive and accessible, allowing those close to you to partake in the beauty of your relationship.

Tangible Mementos of Your Love Story

Beyond the digital memories, I offer various tangible options to keep your love story alive in your everyday lives. You can choose from custom-designed photo albums that narrate your journey, elegant prints perfect for framing and adorning your home, and bespoke canvases that turn your moments into art. Each item is crafted with care, ensuring that these symbols of your love stand as lasting, tangible testaments to the depth of your connection.


Are you excited to capture and celebrate your unique Melbourne love story in a way that transcends time? Contact me today, and let’s embark on a journey to create a visual narrative of your love. This narrative will testify to your relationship and be a treasure for future generations.


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