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Award winning editorial photography


Award Winning Editorial Wedding
Photography in Melbourne


Meet Gaelle Le Berre Photography

Hello, beautiful couples! When you choose me, Gaëlle, as your  photographer, you're embracing a journey of artful storytelling. Capturing the essence of your love with every shutter click, I'm there to immortalise your heartfelt smiles and unspoken emotions, seamlessly integrating into your day's magical narrative.

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What My Clients Have To Say

Melissa Cyngler

"Gaelle was such an incredible wedding photographer! She had amazing energy on our special day and she put in so much effort and had such a personal touch. The wedding photos, album and canvases came out beautifully and were such high quality, we loved reliving our special day. Would 100% recommend!"

Erin Ryland

"Gaelle is an incredible photographer! The photos she took of our wedding are so beautiful and capture the spirit of our day. Everyone cannot stop raving about the photos. She has an incredible eye for finding amazing moments. She was also wonderful to work with - kind and professional. Would highly recommend!"

Xavier Sebastiani

Gaelle was exceptional on the day. She made us and our guest feel comfortable during set photoshoots. We also forgot she was even there at times but kept shooting in the background. We now have superb photos of our wedding day. Thank you Gaelle.

Some of my recent work

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Why Choose Me As Your Editorial Photographer 

Hello, elegant and style-conscious couples of Melbourne! I'm Gaëlle, your editorial wedding photographer, here to craft your love story with a touch of magazine-worthy glamour. As a wedding photography specialist, I blend photojournalism's spontaneity with fashion photography's sophistication, creating a luxurious and artistic narrative of your special day. My goal is to make your wedding images not just photos but a high-end editorial spread that captures the essence of your love story in a glamorous and unforgettable way.

Luxurious Storytelling

Fashion-Forward Imagery

Narrative Elegance


Cinematic Ambiance

Artistic Detail

Timeless Glamour

Crafting Your Love Story with Editorial Flair

Welcome to the distinctive realm of editorial wedding photography in Melbourne. Here, every image is more than a photograph; it’s a piece of art styled and captured with a flair that echoes high-end fashion magazines.


A Blend of Art and Journalism

Editorial wedding photography in Melbourne is a harmonious blend of candid photojournalism and styled artistry. I focus on capturing your day's natural flow while creating posed shots that resemble those in bridal magazines. This approach results in a wedding album that tells your story with authenticity and glamour.

M & C-323.jpg

Fashion-Inspired Portraits

Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion photography, I create elegant and striking portraits. These images are carefully composed, with attention to lighting, background, and pose, to create a timeless and contemporary look.


Capturing the Essence of Your Day

Beyond traditional wedding shots, editorial wedding photography in Melbourne is about capturing the mood, the setting, and the small but significant details that make your wedding unique. From the intricate lace on your gown to the emotion-filled glances between you and your partner, these elements are woven together to create a narrative as individual as your love story.

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Why Choose Me as Your Editorial Wedding Photographer in Melbourne

As your editorial wedding photographer in Melbourne, I bring a fusion of award-winning excellence and distinct French elegance to your special day. My approach is not just about capturing moments — it's about artfully telling your love story with a personalised touch. Here’s why choosing me will add an extraordinary dimension to your wedding photography:

Global Award-Winning Excellence

My photography experience, rich with awards and accolades from around the world, including Melbourne, speaks to my dedication to capturing exceptional moments. These achievements underscore my ability to create extraordinary wedding images that are more than just memories; they are celebrated pieces of art.

A Touch of French Elegance

Imbued with the elegance and sophistication of my French heritage, my approach to photography brings a unique European flair to your wedding day. This cultural background allows me to blend classic French artistry with the modern nuances of your special day, ensuring a timeless, elegant photographic style.

Personalised Artistic Vision

My photography is not just about capturing moments; it's about creating a visual story. I bring a personalised, artistic approach to every Melbourne wedding, ensuring that your photos reflect the uniqueness of your love and the essence of your celebration.


Capturing Every Angle of Your Story

As your editorial wedding photographer in Melbourne, I bring a unique perspective to your special day. Here's how my approach stands out:

A Full Day of Immersive Storytelling

I am committed to being there for the entire day, capturing every significant moment. From the early morning preparations to the late-night celebrations, I ensure no moment is missed, telling the complete story of your day.

Editorial Flair Meets Lifestyle Authenticity

Combining my editorial expertise with my lifestyle photography skills, I create artistically stunning and deeply personal images. This blend of styles results in a diverse array of photos that truly capture the essence of your Melbourne celebration.

Emphasis on Details and Emotions

My focus extends beyond just the key moments. I pay close attention to the subtle details and fleeting emotions that define your day, ensuring that the tenderness, joy, and unique atmosphere of your Melbourne wedding are immortalised.

Global Perspective, Local Charm

With awards from around the world and a deep understanding of lifestyle photography, I bring a global perspective to your local event. This lets me capture your wedding with a unique blend of international flair and personal touch.

From Your Big Day to Timeless Memories

After the editorial capture of your Melbourne wedding day, the journey to turn these moments into everlasting memories begins:

Early Highlights of Your Day

You'll receive a sneak peek of the images within a few days of your wedding. These initial glimpses capture the essence of your day, offering an exciting preview and rekindling the joy and emotions of your special moments.

Artful Crafting of Each Moment

My editing process is meticulous and thoughtful; each photograph is fine-tuned to bring out its best qualities. This stage is about enhancing each shot's narrative power and aesthetic beauty, ensuring your wedding album is nothing short of a visual masterpiece.

A Comprehensive Gallery of Your Story

You will gain access to a private online gallery showcasing your Melbourne wedding. This collection is not just a series of images but a carefully curated narrative that encapsulates your day's emotions, beauty, and unique moments.

Tangible Keepsakes of Elegance

I offer a range of tangible options to ensure that your memories are not just confined to the digital realm. From custom-designed photo albums that tell the story of your day in a seamless flow to exquisite prints, a crystal USB, and personalised canvases, these are keepsakes you can cherish and display, embodying the elegance and emotion of your special day.


If you’re eager to have your Melbourne wedding memories captured in a way that blends editorial artistry with personal sentiment, reach out to me. Together, we can create a timeless visual narrative of your wedding day, which will be treasured and revisited for many years.


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