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Award Winning Family
Photography in Geelong


Meet Gaelle Le Berre Photography

Hello lovely families,  When you choose me, Gaëlle, as your children's photographer, you're embracing a journey of artful storytelling. Capturing the essence of your love with every shutter click, I'm there to immortalise your heartfelt smiles and unspoken emotions, seamlessly integrating into your family's magical narrative.

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What My Clients Have To Say

Melissa Cyngler

"Gaelle was such an incredible wedding photographer! She had amazing energy on our special day and she put in so much effort and had such a personal touch. The wedding photos, album and canvases came out beautifully and were such high quality, we loved reliving our special day. Would 100% recommend!"

Erin Ryland

"Gaelle is an incredible photographer! The photos she took of our wedding are so beautiful and capture the spirit of our day. Everyone cannot stop raving about the photos. She has an incredible eye for finding amazing moments. She was also wonderful to work with - kind and professional. Would highly recommend!"

Xavier Sebastiani

Gaelle was exceptional on the day. She made us and our guest feel comfortable during set photoshoots. We also forgot she was even there at times but kept shooting in the background. We now have superb photos of our wedding day. Thank you Gaelle.

Some of my recent work

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Why Choose Me As Your Family Photographer 

Hello, families of Geelong! I'm Gaëlle, your dedicated family photographer, passionate about capturing families' unique spirit and love. My photography tells the story of your love, laughter, and bond, creating timeless memories in the beautiful landscapes of Geelong.

Heartfelt Moments

Natural Settings

Geelong's Charm

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Playful Interactions

Emotional Depth

Customised Experiences

Capturing Family Magic in Geelong

Welcome to the beautiful journey of family photography in Geelong, where I bring your family's unique story to life through my lens. Blending heartfelt storytelling with an artistic touch, I focus on capturing the precious, fleeting moments and deep-rooted connections that define your family's essence. Join me in this adventure as we turn the everyday magic of your family life into treasured memories to cherish.


The Heart of Family Life

Each family possesses a unique melody of emotions and interactions. I immerse myself in this song, seeking to capture what makes your family distinct. My photography goes beyond mere poses; it's about capturing the genuine laughter, the warmth of embraces, and the silent strength of familial bonds. Each photograph is a celebration of your family's natural and unscripted story.

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A Day in Your World

Envision a photography session that mirrors a day in your life in Geelong, unforced and deeply personal. Whether relaxing in your home or strolling through a beloved local park, I'll be there to document those candid, authentic moments. It's about capturing the joy found in simple, everyday interactions, the playful spirit of your family, and the love that unites you, all set within the picturesque backdrop of Geelong.

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Timeless Grace in Every Photograph

Infusing a hint of French elegance and an eye for Geelong's scenic beauty, my photography elevates family moments beyond ordinary snapshots. Each image is carefully crafted, transforming your family's daily experiences into works of art. These aren't just photographs but an elegant and enduring narrative of your family's unique path, captured with a balance of natural charm and artistic refinement.

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Why Choose Me as Your Family Photographer in Geelong

Selecting a photographer for your family is a significant decision. Here's why my approach to family photography in Geelong stands out, ensuring your memories are captured with warmth and creativity:

A Personal Connection

My photography is deeply rooted in building a personal connection with each family. By understanding your family's dynamics and preferences, I create a comfortable and engaging experience. This approach helps capture images that are true to your family's spirit and personality.

Creative Versatility

In Geelong's diverse settings, from its serene beaches to charming urban landscapes, my photography adapts to reflect the environment and your family’s essence. My versatility allows for various styles and themes, ensuring your family's photos are beautiful and uniquely tailored to your tastes.

Capturing the Spirit of Geelong

With a keen eye for Geelong’s diverse landscapes and urban charm, I incorporate the beauty of your surroundings into our session. This adds a stunning backdrop to your photos and infuses a sense of place and belonging, uniquely connecting your family photos to your town.

Famille Boyd le 30 -11-1420.jpg
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Preserving Your Family's Legacy in Geelong

After our family photography session in Geelong, the excitement continues as we turn those special moments into lifelong treasures. Here’s what awaits you:

First Glimpses of Magic

You'll receive an initial preview of the images soon after our photo session. These first glimpses offer a sneak peek into the beautiful moments we captured, reigniting the joy and laughter we experienced during our time together.

Artistic Enhancement

I meticulously edit each photograph, enhancing every shot's natural beauty and emotion. This process ensures your family's memories are preserved and transformed into artistic, timeless pieces.

A Personal Gallery

Gain access to an exclusive online gallery showcasing the best moments from our session. This personalised collection is not just a series of images; it's a storybook of your family's love and laughter, ready to be shared and cherished.

Tangible Memories

Beyond the digital realm, I offer a range of physical keepsakes. From bespoke photo albums to elegant framed prints, these items are more than just products; they are heartwarming manifestations of your family's love and togetherness.


Are you ready to capture the essence of your family's bond in Geelong? Reach out to me, and let's begin the journey of creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for generations.

Personalising Every Family Photography Session in Geelong

My approach to family photography in Geelong centres around creating a personalised and enjoyable experience for each family. Here’s how I make every session unique:

Flexibility and Patience

Understanding that families, especially with young children, need a flexible and patient approach, I ensure our sessions are relaxed and pressure-free. I’m not bound by hours; I can spend an entire day with you to get the most out of the photo session. This approach allows for natural interactions and genuine smiles, capturing the true essence of your family.

Adapting to Your Family’s Rhythm

Every family has its own unique rhythm and personality. I take the time to tune into this, adapting my photography style to suit your family's dynamic. Whether it’s capturing playful moments or serene family portraits, I tailor the session to reflect your family’s character.

Capturing the Spirit of Geelong

With a keen eye for Geelong’s diverse landscapes and urban charm, I incorporate the beauty of your surroundings into our session. This adds a stunning backdrop to your photos and infuses a sense of place and belonging, uniquely connecting your family photos to your town.


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