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How does artistic quality factor into your budget?

The gaze of secret intimacy shared between bride and groom on their wedding day is a moment of irreplaceable beauty that I strive to capture in its pure, unadulterated form. As an impassioned wedding photographer, I endeavour to combine the skills of both an artist and a reporter. In this way, I linger on subtle moments as they unfold to create a harmonic reflection of the day’s events. This skill is one that is often overlooked by photographers and which I believe is at the heart of wedding photography.

Each photograph exudes its own story and style...

When couples entrust me with the responsibility of sharing the best day of their lives, when they put enough faith in me to be guided by my professional experience, I instinctively manage to balance the delicacy of emotions, the correct equation between shadow and light, the geometry of image framing and the scope of volumes. As a trained photographer, I learned how to discreetly blend into the background of intimate gatherings. Whether the party be cordial or cheerful, I keep a professional distance, without ever forgetting that the couple are counting on me.

When I made the decision to become a professional photographer, I assumed the responsibility of keeping my own business alive by fulfilling all requirements of the job: choosing sophisticated high-quality equipment, taking out insurance, endeavouring to be consistently available and committed for my clients, respecting the ethical and commercial rules surrounding the profession, completely mastering the technical resources and their evolution, guaranteeing a renowned level of expertise…


The voluntary testimonials on my website reflect not only my vast experience but also my passion for this job.


My Packages start at $3800, for further information on pricing, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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