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Maternity Photographer

Award winning maternity photography


Award Winning Maternity
Photography in Geelong

Meet Gaelle Le Berre Photography

Hello lovely families,  When you choose me, Gaëlle, as your children's photographer, you're embracing a journey of artful storytelling. Capturing the essence of your love with every shutter click, I'm there to immortalise your heartfelt smiles and unspoken emotions, seamlessly integrating into your family's magical narrative.

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What My Clients Have To Say

Melissa Cyngler

"Gaelle was such an incredible wedding photographer! She had amazing energy on our special day and she put in so much effort and had such a personal touch. The wedding photos, album and canvases came out beautifully and were such high quality, we loved reliving our special day. Would 100% recommend!"

Erin Ryland

"Gaelle is an incredible photographer! The photos she took of our wedding are so beautiful and capture the spirit of our day. Everyone cannot stop raving about the photos. She has an incredible eye for finding amazing moments. She was also wonderful to work with - kind and professional. Would highly recommend!"

Xavier Sebastiani

Gaelle was exceptional on the day. She made us and our guest feel comfortable during set photoshoots. We also forgot she was even there at times but kept shooting in the background. We now have superb photos of our wedding day. Thank you Gaelle.

Some of my recent work

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Why Choose Me As Your Maternity Photographer 

As a maternity photographer in Geelong, I am passionate about capturing the beauty and emotion of this incredible time in your life. My approach is centred around the mother-to-be while encompassing both parents' shared joy and anticipation as they await their new arrival.

Shared Anticipation

Maternal Grace

Tender Connections


Natural Radiance

Joyful Expectation

Timeless Elegance

Embracing Parenthood in Geelong

In Geelong, my maternity photography sessions are designed to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and the dawn of new beginnings. I strive to capture the profound transition into parenthood, encompassing the joy, expectation, and tender moments between expecting parents.

Titouan le 3 Octobre 2016148.jpg

Shared Anticipation and Joy

Maternity photography is as much about the shared journey of parenthood as it is about the mother's experience. I capture both parents' excitement and anticipation, creating images that beautifully depict their mutual journey towards welcoming their new baby.


Maternal Grace and Radiance

These sessions in Geelong focus on capturing the mother's natural radiance and grace during pregnancy. I aim to portray the strength and beauty of motherhood, showcasing the mother's changing form in an elegant and empowering way.

Louis Penhoat le 13 Octobre 2016097.jpg

Capturing the Essence of Expectant Parents

The essence of my maternity photography lies in capturing the unique connection between expectant parents. These photos are not just about the physical changes but also about the emotional bond and shared dreams for the future, creating a narrative that resonates with the profound significance of this life-changing experience.

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Why Choose Me as Your Maternity Photographer in Geelong

Your maternity photo session in Geelong is an opportunity to immortalise a pivotal chapter in your life. Here are the reasons why I'm the ideal choice for capturing these precious moments:

Expertise in Maternal Portraiture

With specialised expertise in maternal portraiture, I highlight the mother's natural glow and grace. My photography skillfully captures the essence of motherhood, portraying its strength and beauty with sensitivity and elegance.

Tailored Experience in Geelong

Every maternity session in Geelong is personalised to your story. I listen to your preferences, aspirations, and the nuances of your journey, ensuring the photographs reflect your individual experience and the intimate bond you share as a couple awaiting your new arrival.

Artistic Sensibility with a Personal Touch

My unique French artistic sensibility, enriched with a personal touch, ensures that your maternity photos are not just images but timeless artworks. These photos will stand as a testament to this extraordinary period, capturing the beauty, emotion, and anticipation of your journey into parenthood.


My Point of Difference as Your Maternity Photographer in Geelong

Choosing me as your maternity photographer in Geelong means embracing a service defined by its flexibility and dedication to your needs. Here's what sets my approach apart:

Unbound by Time Constraints

I don't operate with a strict schedule or time constraints. My priority is to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. This flexible approach means I'm at your disposal for as long as needed, capturing moments as they naturally unfold without the pressure of a ticking clock.

Adaptable to Your Pace and Comfort

Recognising that each pregnancy journey is unique, my sessions are tailored to adapt to your pace and comfort level. Whether it involves taking breaks, changing to another Geelong location, or adjusting the session to suit your energy levels, I'm there to accommodate your needs, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Emphasis on Natural and Authentic Moments

I focus on capturing natural and authentic moments that genuinely reflect your experience and emotions during this time in your life. This approach results in heartfelt images that tell the story of your maternity journey in its truest form, embodying the anticipation and joy of expecting a new life.

From Photoshoot to Lasting Memories: Maternity Photography in Geelong

After our special maternity photo session in Geelong, transforming these moments into enduring memories begins. Here's what you can anticipate:

A Preview of Cherished Moments

Soon after our session, I'll share a preview of selected images, providing a glimpse of the beautiful memories we've captured. These initial photos serve as a heartwarming reminder of our time together, reigniting the joy and anticipation of your maternity experience.

Artful Image Enhancement

Every photo undergoes careful editing to enhance its natural beauty and emotion. I pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each image looks stunning and deeply resonates with your personal maternity journey.

A Personalised Online Gallery

You'll receive access to a private online gallery featuring a handpicked collection of images from our session. This digital space allows you to relive and share your maternity journey with loved ones, keeping these precious moments close and easily accessible.

Tangible Memories of Your Journey

To bring your story into the physical world, I offer an array of tangible options, like custom photo albums and elegant prints. These keepsakes are crafted with love and care, turning your maternity moments into lasting treasures you and your family will cherish for years.


Ready to capture this radiant and beautiful chapter of your life in Geelong? Reach out to me, and let's create a stunning visual narrative of your maternity journey that you'll treasure forever.


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