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Samira & Maxime

Samira & Maxime, such a sweet couple, always making sure everybody is looked after! They contacted me when I arrived in France to discuss about their wedding, sweet Samira, we spoke quite a while on the phone ! As they were going to get married on a Thursday and we thought as she was gonna have a makeup and hair trial on the eve of the wedding, in case that the weather were going to be bad for the Thursday, we would do the couple session the Wednesday instead. And guess what, that's what we ended up to do! so for the Thursday we had time to do quite a fair bit as the only ceremnony was going to take place at the reception. we were so lucky to have been able to do the sessio on the Eve because for the actual day, it poured rain all day long except for the cocktail which finaly took place outside with a nice sun until we got inside! Can you believe it, there is some time where you think some people have been blesed and Samira & Maxime were some of them. The party was very good, the Germam and French guests had an awesome time and we ended up to dance outside under the rain! Great time

Hair: Céline

Flower: Cathy Laot

The Dress: Rembo Styling

Ring: Cado


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