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Melissa & Michael

Melissa & Michael had originally planned their wedding for October 2020, however due to Covid they had to postpone the wedding until February 2021 and in a different location due to the new restrictions.Days before their wedding day we went into another 5 day lockdown not knowing what was going to happen for the wedding. Despite the uncertainty at the time Melissa & Michael had faith that no matter what the new restrictions would be, the wedding would go ahead, which It did!This is truly happiness during the hard times of Covid.

Makeup & Hair Artist @stellatumakeup

Florist: Debbie O'Neil and Style by Nature (Karina)

Bride's dress: Eternal Bridal

Bride's shoes: Marco Gianni

Rings: Steve Pallas

Groom's kilt: House of Scotland

Music Band: The Bakers boys

Camberwell church: Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Victoires de Camberwell


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