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Alice & Emil

What a lovely couple I met about a year ago! It was so exciting, one of my first couples in Melbourne, I instantly connected to these two love birds.

It was actually the perfect wedding day, not too hot and a little bit overcast with some wind to enable to us to breathe perfectly right through those beautiful moments of the day. We started with the boys and of course the first cricket game was live on TV, that's right the national sport of Australia!

It went very smoothly with the boys. Back to the bride to her parent's house. I arrived right on schedule, Alice started her makeup and we had so many laughs, talking a bit of French with her dad who really loves the French culture. We went straight after to the park near Brighton to meet all the family for the couple session and the group photos. It was a beautiful park right in the city with a beautiful building and palm trees!

The venue right on the pier in Brighton, what a great place to see the sunset at night! We escaped just before the entrance for the formal reception to do some pictures on the pier with the bridal party with some refreshments.

A beautiful day which ended with a nice dance floor party, everything I love! lots of fun!


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